Lord Ferragamo

ferragamo(Lord Loxley/Ferragamo/Anmarsch)

Imported Premium 2005 Rheinlander Stallion

This beautiful black stallion is blessed with some of the best bloodlines in the world including: Lord Loxely/Lord Sinclair, Weltmeyer, Ferragamo, and Anmarsch. The mare quality is also impressive with 10 of the first 15 mares in his pedigree being St.Pr.St Hauptstutbuch or Verb.Pr.St. Hauptstutbuch mares! The melding of the best of the Hannoverian, Rheinlander, Bavarian, Holsteiner, and Westphalian breeds have culminated in an athletic horse with breathtaking suspension and movement. Lord Ferragamo is the first and only approved son of FS Lord Loxely standing in the U.S. Lord Ferragamo is currently showing at the Prix St. Georges Level Dressage and Intermediare 1. Lord Ferragamo is approved by the following breed registries: Rheinlander, Westphalian, CWHBA, AWS.

  • Licensed in Wichrath, Germany
  • 30 Day Tested in Munster-Handorf, Germany
  • 70 Day Tested in Warendorf, Germany

Please contact Dr. Andrea Seig of Westphalians for the USA for breeding information at Andrea@Westphalians.com >1-803-295-7200<

Lord Ferragamo Competition Awards

Here are just a few of Lord Ferragamo’s many accomplishments:

  • 2015 Scored over 67.6%┬áin PSG at the William Woods Dressage Show
  • 2015 Placed 4th at Intermediare 1 for 2015 at the Region 4 Championships.
  • 2014 Debuted at PSG with all scores in the 60%’s and qualified for Regional Championships at PSG at the first show of the season!
  • 2012 USDF Region 2 Regional Championships Open 3rd Level 6th Place winner
  • 2012 USDF All-Breed Awards Champion at 3rd Level
  • 2012 KDA Spring Dressage Show I 3rd Level Champion
  • 2012 KDA Spring Dressage Show II 3rd Level Reserve Champion
  • 2011 USDF All-Breed Awards 3rd Place winnner at Second Level
  • 2011 Region 2 Championships Second Level Reserve Champion
  • 2010 Missouri Horse Show Assoc. Training Level and First Horse of the Year
  • 2010 USDF First Level Dressage Horse of the Year 12th Place (73.313% avg)
  • 2010 Region 4 Training Level Championships 3rd Place
  • 2010 USDF All-Breeds Awards First Level Reserve Champion
  • 2010 USDF All-Breeds Awards Training Level 4th Place
  • 2010 Centerline Dressage Show First Level Champion
  • 2010 SLADS First Level Champion
  • 2010 Dressage at Lamplight July Show I & II Training Level Champion with scores over 77%
  • 2010 Dressage at Lamplight July Show I & II First Level Champion with scores over 77%
  • 2010 Reserve High Point Champion (Entire Show) For Spring KDA Dressage Show
  • 2010 SLADS Dressage Show First Level Champion
  • 2009 Completed 70 Day Stallion Testing in Germany
  • 2008 Completed 30 Day Stallion Testing in Germany
  • 2007 Awarded Premium Rheinlanded Stallion at his Licensing

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