Horse Sales

Lady Ferragamo

2013 westphalian Filly Under saddle since Jan. 2016. Nice Mover & Sweet Personality.

(Lord Ferragamo/Chardonay/xx)

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(Rapture R/Amunition ox/Ali Jammaal ox) Amazingly talented horse with the temperament to match. Started under saddle in Jan. 2016

2013 Hanoverian Gelding

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2015 Hanoverian Colt

(Rapture R/Amunition)

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2003 12.0hh Welsh Pony Stallion

Trained to Ride and Drive, bought as a Teaser Pony which we no longer do. He jumps beautifully, he just needs some work to back in the swing of things.

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Furst Dancer

2013 Westphalian Filly Started under saddle Jan. 2016. Her full brother was the 4 y/o USEF #1 Ranked horse in the country a few years ago.

(Furst Piccolo/Rubinstein/Weltmeyer)

Price $ : 20,000


2012 Hanoverian Mare
(Rapture R/Amunition xx/Ali Jamaal xx)

(Rapture R/Amunition xo/Ali Jamaal xo)
AHS Inspection Top Filly/Registered Hanoverian and Half Arabian Both.

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2011 Hanoverian Mare

(Rapture R/Rubinstein I/Weltmeyer)

Rapsody received a 77.8% on her 3 yo Materiale Class and 79.2% on her 4 y/o USEF Young Horse Test with a 8.5 on walk and 8.0 on trot! She also debuted at Training Level with 77.885% and a "9" on Gaits!!! She was named Training Level Champion at her first show as a 4 y/o. Placed 6th in the Open Training Level Class the Region 4 Championships (Was the youngest horse in the Championship Class. This horse is very rideable but more suited for an excellent AA or professional rider. She ready for the 5 y/o FEI Young Horse Tests in 2016

Price $ : 30,000

Ivory League

2009 Registered Half Welsh Mare

(Wedderlie Mardi Gras/With Approval/Vice Regent)

Ivory has hown thru 2nd Level Dressage and ready to show 3rd Level now. She has FEI talent in her little body! She is also a very cute jumper

Price $ : $10,000

IA Lanna

USEF 2013 Region 11 3rd Level Champion, Lanna qualified for Region 2 USDF Regional Championships at PSG where she place in front of 10 Non-Arabian Horses in the finals. She is consistently in the 60's at Prix St. Georges at All Breed Rated Shows. Easy to ride, always trying to please the rider.

2006 Arabian Mare (Amunition/Ali Jamaal/Bey Shah)

Price $ : 25,000

Lady Rapture

Lord Ferragamo/Rapture R/Riverman

2015 Westphalian Filly

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(Rapture R/Sea of Secrets xx) Going Well Under Saddle, sweetest horse you ever met with tons of talent.

2013 Hanoverian Gelding

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2000 Hanoverian Mare


Price $ : SOLD


2010 Hanoverian Gelding

(Rapture R/Warkanson-Warkant/Ehrentusch)

Received an 81% for his 3 y/o Materiale class.
Received a 76.8% on his 4y/o USEF Young Horse Test and is ready to show 2nd level now!

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2010 Premium Holsteiner Gelding


2nd overall Inspection Score for AHHA foals in 2010 with an overall 8.0
Received an 80% for his 3 y/o Materiale class.
Received a 76% on his 4y/o USEF Young Horse Test, and scored over 79% on his 5 y/o FEI Test ,Reserve Second Level Champion at the KDA Dressage Show May 2015 Finished 19th in Country in the USDF 5y/o FEI Young Horse Final Rankings

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1998 Imported Hanoverian Gelding


Gelding shown thru Second Level dressage and Level 4 Jumpers

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Free Flight

1997 Oldenburg NA Premium Mare

(Fascination/Funny Speaker/Crimson Ruler)

Free Flight showed thru Intermediate 1, training done all the way from Training Level thru L.1 by SLEC

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1996 Hanoverian Gelding

(Voltaire/Calypso II/Gazal VII)

Vaultair was shown thru PSG and trained from Training level thru PSG by SLEC

Price $ : SOLD


2007 Holsteiner Gelding


Shown thru 3rd Level

Price $ : SOLD

First Lady

2008 Westphalian Filly

(Furst Piccolo/Vaultair-Voltaire/Irish Dreanin xx)

First Lady was sold to a breeder in Mainland China

Price $ : SOLD


2008 Canadian Warmblood Filly

(Vaultair-Voltaire/Warkanson-Warkant/Akzent II)

Vendetta was sold to a breeder in Mainland China

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2007 Holsteiner Filly

(Contendro I/Chardonay/Kahlex xx)

Zahara was sold to a breeder in Mainland China

Price $ : SOLD


2007 Hanoverian Filly


Rostina was sold to a breeder in Mainland China

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2006 Westphalian Gelding

(Portland L/Vaultair-Voltaire/Irish Dreamin xx)

16.0hh, Scores at Training Level over 71%, already Qualified for Regional Championships, schooling solid First Level.

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2010 Canadian Warmblood Filly

(Rapture R/Riverman)

William Woods Spring Dressage Show Training Level Show Champion as a 4y/o Radisson received over a 78% at her USEF 4 y/o Young Horse Test and USEF All-Breed Award CWHBA 2014 Four Year Old FEI Champion. She is now showing Second Level with her new owner in Florida

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Furst Tanzer

2009 Westphalian Gelding
USEF 2013 FEI 4y/o Champion, 2015 Reserve All-Breeds 2nd Level Champion

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2008 Hanoverian Gelding

(Sinatra Song-Sandro Hit/Rubinstein/Weltmeyer)

18hh Santana is schooling solid First Level and Ready to show in the Spring!

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Whispering New Image

2002 Registered Half Welsh

14.3hh Debuted at Prix St. Georges in Dressage In May of 2012 with scores in the mid 55% with a Young Rider

Price $ : SOLD

Valley Girl II

2000 CWHBA Mare

Schooled thru 2nd level, has had several very nice foals. Approved CWHBA and Westphalian

Price $ : SOLD

EM Wisteria


2002 Elite Hanoverian mare has produced Top Colt at Inspection! Schooled to Second Level. Comes with breeding to one of our 2 stallions

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2009 17hh anoverian Gelding

(Pommery-Pik Bube/Rubinstein/Weltmeyer) Princeton has shown through First Level with scores to 69.265% and scores over 76% at Training Level. He is qualified for Open Regional Finals for 2015. Very Motivated Seller!!!

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MM Warkantina

(Warkanson-Warkant/Akzent II/Ramadour II)

2000 Hanoverian mare, approved for breeding By AHS, Westphalian Stud Book I, and CWHBA. Has many nice foals, one sold to breeder in China.

Price $ : SOLD

Grosso Primo

2006 Canadian Warmblood Gelding
2012 CWHBA USDF All-Breed Award Reserve Champion at 2nd Level

(Grosso Gold/Warkanson-Warkant/Akzent II)

16hh Grosso finished the 2011 show season with 3 scores over 70% at Training Level,and shown 2nd level at KDA with average scores of 65%" in 2012 Grosso Qualified as a 7 yo for Regional Championships at PSG. Grosso was bred, foaled and trained thru PSG by SLEC

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2009 Westphalian Filly

(Florestan/Vaultair-Voltaire/Irish Dreamin)

High Point Champion at the 2013 KDA Show with scores in the 70%'s at Training Levels as a 4 yo

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2010 Premium Holsteiner Gelding


Price $ : SOLD


2009 Hanoverian Mare

(Don Frederico/Warkanson-Warkant/Akzent II)

Hanoverian Mare Champion at her AHS Mare Inspection, has received 68.393% at Training Level as a 4 yo

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2009 Hanoverian Gelding


Shown thru 2nd Level Dressage with scores over 66%
Qualified for 2014 Regional Open Championships at 2nd Level

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2010 Hanoverian Gelding

(Rapture R/Warkanson-Warkant/Ehrentusch)

Owner: Saint Louis Equestrian Center; Top Foal at his AHS inspection, received a 79.7% for his 3/o Materiale class, received a 77.6% on his 4y/o USEF Young Horse Test with and Overall Impression of 8. Rapson was awarded the High Point Hanoverian Award at the KDA Spring Dressage Show May of 2014. His last show at Training Level he averaged 75.4% and 73.79% at First Level (both at highest tests of that level.) He placed 13 out of 45 horses at the USDF Region 2 Final with a 69.032% and was the only 4 year old in the class! Reserve AA Training Level Champion at USDF Regional Championships

Price $ : SOLD


2012 Hanoverian Gelding

Top AHS Colt at his Inspection/Ready for First Level Dressage.

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2012 Hanoverian Gelding

AHS Inspection Top Colt, ready to show First Level Dressage

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2011 Hanoverian Gelding Shown to Training Level Dressage with scores over 68% Incredibly athletic horse. Suitable for any discipline

(Rapture R/Sea of Secrets xx)

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Rosabella R

2011 Westphalian Mare

(Rapture R/Riverman/Reichsgraf) She has shown and Qualified for Training Level Open Regional Championships. Rosabella R entered 5 classes at her first show and won all 5 classes with all scores over 71%! By the way, did I mention she is a 2011 mare! This video doesn't do her justice, you need to see her in person. She is rideable(scored "8.0" on submission). She is also well bred, so you always have the option to breed her during or after her show career. Rosabella was Ranked 22nd in the country in the Markel 4 year Old Young Horse Final Rankings! She is the whole package!!! This is a great mare, but has been found to have OCDs in multiple joints. Flexes fine and no history of lameness. Suitable for any rider. This would be a great chance for someone with a limited budget to get a horse who can compete Regionally and Nationally on a shoe string budget!

Price $ : SOLD


2011 Hanoverian Mare 16.3hh

(Rapture R/Warkanson/Akzent II) Debuted at Training Level with a score of 76.591% and was Reserve Training Level Champion as a 4 y/o with a score of 8.5 on Gaits!!!

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Lady Chardonay

2011 Westphalian Mare

(Lord Ferragamo/Chardonay/Khalex) he has shown at training level with scores over 67%. Suitable for Dressage or Hunters, Good all around horse, with good blood lines for dressage or jumping.

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Lord Riverman

2011 Westphalian Stallion Shown to Training level, solid First Level, great blood lines!

(Lord Ferragamo/Riverman/Reichsgraf)

Lord Riverman received a 75.6% on his 3 y/o Materiale Class in 2014 and Reserve Training Level Open Champion at the William Woods Dressage Show April 2015 with scores over 66.5%

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2010 Premium Holsteiner Mare

(Camiros/Chardonay/Khalex) Shown through First Level Dressage. Her sire, Kahalex was the producer of many high level jumpers also. Very AA friendly, wanting to please type of mare.

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Lord Vaultair

2011 Westphalian Gelding

(Lord Ferragamo/Vaultair/Irish Dreamin) Debuted at Training Level as a 4 y/o with scores of 74.038% and 75.909% with an "8" on Gaits! He scored a 75.86 of his USEF 4 y/o Test . He is a beautiful horse and a giant Teddy Bear to deal with.

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Tuesday Morning

2008 Registered Half Welsh 14.3hh Pony Mare Shown briefly at Prix St. Georges in 2015. Ready for a solid PSG Show Season in 2016. Tuesday also jumps beautifully.

(Wedderlie Mardi Gras/With Approval xx/Vice Regent xx)

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2010 16.3hh Westphalian Mare

(Freestyle/Rudinstein I/Weltmeyer) Shown through First Level Dressage with scores over 70% and scores over 76% at Training Level. Already qualified for Open Regional Finals at Training and First Level. She has received "8" on her gaits!

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2010 16.3hh Westphalian Gelding

(Freestyle/Rubinstein I/Weltmeyer)

In 2014 Frontenac received a 78.4% on his USEF 4 yo Young Horse Test with a General Impression of "8" and in 2015 Frontenac was the Training and First Level Open Champion at the William Woods Dressage Show with scores over 69.5%. He received a 74.8% on his FEI 5 y/o Test. He is already qualified for Regional Championships at Training and First Level He has received an "8" on Gaits. Finished 7th at Region 4 Championships at Open Training Level. This horse is as solid as they come!

Price $ : Sold